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BIM Consultancy

For designers, engineers and all construction professionals

BIM Implementation

Supporting companies through a transitional change to enable the effective use of industry standards & BIM

The construction industry is continually going through change, adopting more efficient ways of working, developing new standards and improving upon communication both internally within a business and within a wider project team.

For some companies this is a huge challenge and they are seeking some direction and guidance on where to begin their BIM journey.

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We can help you build the foundations to align your practice to the current Government recommended standards, protocols and processes. Our simple yet effective services include:

    • Company or project Gap Analysis Report with recommendations for implementing BIM.
    • Development of in-house company standards and protocols aligned to industry standards and best practice including:
      i.       Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR)
      ii.      Pre/Post Contract BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
      iii.     Company BIM Standards
      iv.     Pre-Qualification Questionnaire responses (PAS 91 questions)
      v.      Company Specific BIM Implementation Plan.
    • Reviewing BIM documents and providing feedback as well as supporting on bids.

Technical Advisory

Independent advice given by one of our technical experts.

Luminous Group support companies through a transitional change to enable the proficient use of Autodesk Revit to meet project demands.

We believe there is no better way to learn how to efficiently produce project deliverables within a Revit environment than being advised on a live project.

Our approach is unique in that we provide ‘hand holding’ guidance and advice to our clients as and when required.

From as little as an hour at a time one of our expert BIM Modellers can provide assistance on site or remotely providing the information specific to your immediate challenge or request.

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Our team has vast experience in modelling bespoke elements in a whole range of sectors and building types.

From stone heritage buildings, industrial warehouses, treatment works, plants and ships.

BIM Model Management

Third party independent support on model analysis, validation and quality.

Luminous Group can provide independent feedback on either disciplinary or federated model progress and quality through the following:

  • Model reviewing, reporting, auditing, validation to provide clients with the confidence that their project team are producing high quality models with the highest degree of accuracy and integrity.
  • Clash detection and reporting to ensure the design is full coordinated prior to site work commencement.
  • As-built validation providing evidence that what has been constructed on site aligns within a small tolerance the as built model authored in a BIM enabled platform

Other services include:

4D simulations (construction or other) to aid visually the programme of works for the construction of an asset which will result in issues being resolved at an earlier stage.

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