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Luminous Group BIM for Construction

BIM for Construction

Improved communication, collaboration and coordination are just some of the benefits of BIM for construction.




The ability to visualise projects at an early stage in a 3D environment allows project participants to identify errors and clashes before they happen on site during the construction phase.

In addition, working in a virtual environment allows the team to identify any health and safety risks that laborers may encounter on site leading to reduced injuries and accidents.

4D BIM, which involves time related information being associated to different component of a model, also allows planners to quickly develop accurate programmes based on reliable sources of federated information.

This provides a clearer idea of the time needed at the construction phase and assists in construction coordination reviews.

BIM for Construction - Digital Architecture - Luminous Group

With building components being manufactured offsite, it is vital to ensure correct and accurate information is shared between different project participants at the right time to improve the accuracy of prefabricated components and mitigate risk.

Some of the advantages of BIM for construction:

  • Improves Health and safety
  • Improved collaboration between project participants leading to better outcomes
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced error on site
  • Faster project delivery
  • Better quality prefabrication
  • Construction planning and monitoring