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BIM for Facilities Management

Building lifecycle and maintenance

Operational Costs

There are many benefits associated with BIM implementation, however the largest benefits are associated with running the facility as a building’s operational cost is higher than designing or building it. There is a huge amount of information and documentation needed to effectively management a facility and it is important to find efficient ways of collecting, accessing and updating this information.

Most existing building have this information stored in paper documents which are often stored in rolls of drawings, folders and maintenance records which makes it extremely difficult for the facility manager to track and keep up to date.

BIM for Facilities Management - Digital Architecture - Luminous Group
Luminous Group BIM for Facilities Management

BIM offers the functionality for managing buildings and the physical assets within them by providing facility managers a means of retrieving information from a visually accurate virtual 3D model of the physical facility. This technology provides the capability of supporting the building’s full life cycle from planning through operation and maintenance.


The advantages of BIM for FM include the following:

  • Unified information base that can be easily accessed and maintained
  • Effective analysis specifically for sustainability and energy initiative
  • Location awareness of fixtures, fittings and equipment
  • Effective security management and support for emergency responses
  • Assist in installing future systems.

This doesnt mean that existing facilities that don’t have 3D models of their physical assists will miss out on the many benefits. One way of capturing a facility’s physical geometries is by using laser scanning. Laser scanning is a technology that can help accurately and precisely capture the complex physical geometries of existing buildings as3D ‘point clouds’. The point cloud data can then be used to produce accurate and realistic 3D models including any required MEP in software like Revit.

The level of detail and information within the 3D models should be agreed at the early stages. This ensures that the facility manager will receive the information they need to effectively manage the facility.

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