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3D Modelling Conversion Services

We can model existing assets or proposed designs in Revit from traditional 2D information.

Luminous Group have expert modellers with design and construction backgrounds who understand the importance of accurate as built and design information.

Utilising this experience, we are able to take traditional 2D information, interpret it and generate an accurate 3D Revit model.

Whether it is for refurbishment, facility management or new build design purposes we can provide accurate 3D models and associated 2D outputs and schedules automatically derived from the model ensuring complete alignment between all information.

Example plan - CAD to BIM - Luminous Group
Bloomsbury section UCL - CAD to BIM - Luminous Group

BIM Object Library Creation

Luminous Group can work with manufacturers looking for help with their Revit Object Library Development.

We shall work with you to enable a consistent approach with your information which will help consultants, contractors and clients develop and achieve high quality usable models.

3D Revit Models provide a whole range of benefits which include:

  • Automated 2D floor plans, sections, elevations and schedules for dimensional and quantification purposes
  • Improved reliability and accuracy compared to traditional 2D information
  • Enabling clients to start working with the data as soon as it is received
  • Faster decision making for refurbishment, renovation works and layout designs
  • Reduced cost through eliminated errors and mistakes both in the design and construction phases
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy in common BIM uses i.e. spatial planning, construction scheduling, cost estimation, sustainability optimization, facilities management

CAD to BIM - Object Library Development - Luminous Group

Industry Standards

Our 3D models are developed in line with industry standards and protocols and the government mandated BIM requirements enabling our clients to work collaboratively with project teams who are utilising BIM processes.