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Revit 3D Surveys & BIM Modelling Services

Experts in Autodesk Revit Model Delivery & 3D Content Creation


The Luminous Group has a large in house Autodesk Revit modelling team ready to support our clients on a range 3D of projects. Revit has become synonymous with building information modelling and has the highest penetration of any BIM software. This makes it the ideal choice if you want to be able to collaborate and share models between businesses, contractors, stakeholders and different disciplines. Whether you need structural, architectural or MEP modelling service or simply want additional resource to expedite your project our team is ready to help.


Luminous Group - Independent BIM Consultancy
CAD to BIM - Object Library Development - Luminous Group


Working with the likes of the NBS we provide standard based Revit family component and content creation services. Manufactures are realizing the many benefits of having there products readily available in a BIM format. This makes it much easier and appealing to implement there content into projects form the outset. We can take existing CAD plans or models and rebuild them into parametric Revit families.


Our team are experts in point cloud processing and modeling and have been providing this service since 2010. We have produced an industry standard survey specification and can advise on the processing and levels of details you will need in your Revit survey project

We pride ourselves on the quality of our models and quality assurance is paramount to the modelling process with all elements rigorously checked for geometric accuracy as well as naming and correct categorization.

We have developed worked flows to quickly and efficiently carry out 3D Revit surveys and modelling for even the most challenging heritage buildings and properties.

Revit model - King's College, University of Aberdeen - Digital VR - Luminous Group


Luminous Group have a unique and flexible approach which enables key aspects of a BIM project to be developed, implemented, managed and delivered successfully.

Our services include the following well known Scope of Services for Information Management:

  • Common Data Environment management
  • Project information management
  • Collaborative working
  • Information exchange
  • Project team management