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Point cloud image - Scan to BIM - Luminous Group

Scan to BIM

Luminous have pioneered the use of laser scanning to create as built Revit and Building Information models for the last 5 years.

Point Cloud Data processed from a Laser Scan Survey of an existing asset or site can be used to produce and accurate 3D as-built survey model

As-built Data Capture

As-Built information of an asset or site is an essential part of most refurbishment or renovation projects but is often limited or non-existent.

Through using the latest laser scanning technology existing sites can be captured and digitised quickly and far more accurately than conventional survey methods.

A quick and accurate solution is in the form of a 3D As-Built BIM Model which can be produced using the point cloud data captured by a Laser Scan Survey of an asset or site.

Point Cloud - Scan to BIM - Data Capture - Luminous Group
Bloomsbury model - Scan to BIM - Luminous Group

Bespoke Project Requirements

Working with our clients is vital in establishing clear and defined project requirements and this includes both determining the Level of Detail (LOD) required for each element within a model and having a clear set of final desired outputs.

With this information our surveyors can carry out the 3D laser survey and process the information to produce usable point cloud data.

Our team of BIM modellers are then able to produce an intelligent, parametric and accurate Revit BIM model from the point cloud data which can be delivered in a range of formats including the recommended interoperable file format IFC.


3D as built survey BIM odels provide a whole range of benefits which include:

  • Automated 2D floors plans, sections, elevations and schedules for dimensional and quantification purposes
  • Improved reliability and accuracy compared to traditional survey methods
  • Enabling clients to start working with the data as soon as it is received
  • Faster decision making for refurbishment, renovation works and layout designs
  • Reduced cost through eliminated errors and mistakes both in the design and construction phases
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy in common BIM uses, i.e. spatial planning, construction scheduling, cost estimation, sustainability optimization, facilities management
Luminous Group - plant room structural MExample of structural plant room MEP model - Luminous GroupEP model
Scan to Bim - Monument Mall Model - Luminous Group

We take pride in delivering high quality and accurate outputs which are aligned to industry standards and best practice and the following deliverables are available with all Scan to BIM surveys:

  • Point Cloud Data
  • 360° Imagery
  • 3D BIM model of the existing building, asset or site
  • Automated 2D CAD drawings derived from the 3D BIM model

Industry Standards

Our 3D models are developed in line with industry standards and protocols and the government mandated BIM requirements enabling our clients to work collaboratively with project teams who are utilising BIM processes.

We use our expertise to define and populate an appropriate data set which shall provide you with a fully comprehensive Asset Information Model (AIM) improving facility and asset management.

If you currently utilise 2D traditional information for maintaining your asset throughout its lifecycle, why not speak to us about us about how we can help you input the data into a geometric 3D model to improve efficiencies.