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3D Measured Building Surveys

Revit & Building Information modelling

Delivering accurate standards based as built measured surveys in 3D


The Luminous Group through our Digital Surveys division have been providing measured building surveys for over 30 years. As more contractors and architects move to BIM there has been a growing demand for measured surveys in a BIM or Revit format.

Luminous have been at the forefront of developing standards and procedures to deliver accurate 3D measured building surveys in Revit. Our models are delivered in line with:

  • BS 1192:2007 + A2:2016 Collaborative production of architectural engineering and construction information
  • PAS 1192-2:2012 Specification for information management the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using Building Information Modelling
  • Level of Development Specification 2015
  • AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol v2.


If you want a 3D measured survey then the most effective way to capture it is in 3D using laser scanning. In the past, a measured survey would be carried out with a disto or total station taking single point measurements. This process is slow and error prone. Laser scanning often referred to as ‘Reality capture’ generates a dense 3D point cloud made up of millions of points in space. Each point has an xyz value a reflectivity value and if scanned in colour will have an RGB value.
Most 3D packages are now capable of handling these huge datasets. Common file formats are Autodesk .rcs file and Bentelys .pod file. both are optimized for use in their respective packages.
There is also a compact, vendor-neutral format (.e57) which is gaining wide industry adoption. When carrying out laser scanning it’s important to have data that is not only accurate but also dense enough to see the required detail. We would recommend 10mm point space for most building surveys.


Once laser scanned the data needs to be converted into a Revit model. Although the scan captures everything that is visible it is not feasible to model this level of detail in Revit. Therefore, a clear scope needs to be defined outlining the LOD required in the model.
Luminous have developed a detailed specification outlining this.
Please email to request a copy.
Once the LOD and accuracy have been confirmed the team can begin the modelling process. This is still very much a manual process and needs to be rigorously QA’d for geometric accuracy as well as naming conventions, categories, correct family types, phasing and work sets.
The Luminous team is very experienced in this field and have delivered hundreds of 3D measured survey on time and to budget while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy

We deliver complex multi disciplinary as built building information models

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    Working with Balfour Beatty we provided as built modelling post strip out.

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  • King's College, University of Aberdeen - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Kings College Heritage BIM Survey

    Modelling historic building can be challenging in Revit we have streamlined workflows.

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