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Internal and External Mobile Scanning Solutions

Rapid realtime data capture using GeoSLAM

Outdoor Mobile Scanning

We have access to a range of different portable mobile mapping systems. These systems can be adopted for use on a range of vehicles from cars, to boats or even UAVs.

External mobile scanning has improved drastically over the years and now provides accuracy on a par with terrestrial scanning systems.

The speed of data capture will determine the density of the point cloud captured, the slower the vehicle is driven the higher and denser the point cloud.

For most applications we would recommend a driving speed of around 10mph however in some instances and depending on the application good data can still be captured at speeds of up to 50 mph.

Mobile scanning is transforming highway and city mapping providing fast, cost effective 3D data capture.

Battersea Track - Mobile Laser Scanning - Luminous Group
Geo Slam - Mobile Laser Scanning - Digital Surveys - Luminous Group

Indoor Mobile Scanning

Indoor scanning has always been technically more challenging as external positioning systems like GPS are not available. This means that other methods such as SLAM or IMUs are needed to track the position of any scanning devices as the scanning takes place.

Recently a number of mobile devices both hand held and trolley mounted have been brought to market that provide reliable indoor mobile mapping systems. The caveats to this are that the datasets are not as accurate when compared to terrestrial or tripod scanning.

However, the speed of data capture is vastly different making these systems very attractive for certain projects.

These systems allow the whole survey to be carried out in the time it takes to walk a building. Luminous have experience using a range of different indoor mobile systems and can advise on different solutions depending on your project requirements.