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Point Cloud Processing

Many companies don’t have the software or the experience to work directly with point cloud data and only a few engineering CAD packages support large volume point clouds.

We can help you convert this data into accurate 3D models.

Scan to Bim

Existing commerical, residential and heriatge properties coverted to as built Revit Models.

FPSOs, Vessels and Topsides

3D Laser scanned and modelled

Experts in point cloud processing and 3D modelling

As built modelling

This process requires an experienced modeller to trace around the point cloud best fitting solid surfaces to the data. The point cloud provides an exact 3D representation of the real world made up of millions of points.

It is important that the correct level of detail (LOD) and required accuracy is stated in a scope of works before the modelling commences.

If you are unsure of what you require then please speak to one of our experienced modelling team members. We can help guide you through the process and advise on the best requirements based on how you are looking to use the model. We can provide models for all major packages including Revit, AutoCAD 3D, PDMS, Rhino or CADWorx® Plant Design Suite.

Turbine female mesh - Point cloud processing - Digital Surveys - Luminous Group


If the purpose of the scan is to create an exact replica, then a different modelling technique is used. In these instances, a 3D mesh is created by wrapping a 3D polygon surface around the point cloud following it exactly.

Meshes are ideal if you wish to compare scan data against a CAD model, or 3D print an exact replica however they are often very heavy in files size and cannot be used in most CAD packages.

To turn the mesh into a useable surface model that can be used in another package it must be clean and re-topologised into a NURBS Surface model.