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3D laser Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Marine Industry Scanning Solutions


Luminous provide hi accuracy 3d laser scanning for a range of a marine refurbishment services. Our team can deploy to marinas or workshops anywhere in the world. We use a Surphaser 3D laser scanner with an accuracy of 0.2mm making it ideal for marine projects.

The survey generates a very dense 3D point cloud, this can be converted in to a range of models depending on the clients requirements. Scanning is fast and accurate and we are used to working to demanding timelines.


Most clients require the point cloud to be converted into a solid 3D model. The simplest method to this is by meshing the data into a polygon mesh and out putting it as a .obj or .stl file. Although very accurate meshes in this format can be very heavy and hard to use. To create a model that is in a more user friendly format it can either be traced in Rhino to create a NURBS model or surfaced to create a very accurate. stp file.