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360° Photography & Video Production

The Luminous team, through our Digital VR division have been providing 360° photography and 360° video production to clients across the globe.

Using the latest imaging, scanning and 3D camera systems, we can capture content for virtual tours, Virtual Reality content and TV broadcast and media.

360° Photography

360° Photography is nothing new, we’ve been using 360° camera techniques such as Nodal Ninjas and Digital SLRs as well as specialist 360° cameras systems like NCTech iSTAR to capture 360° panoramic photography for over 10 years.

These images can be embedded into a website or hosted in micro site. Recent advances in consumer camera systems mean that many social media sites now also accept 360° images which can be panned through and browsed using the in-built gyroscope in most mobile and tablet devices.

Many of these sites (such as Facebook & YouTube) now also provide a Google Cardboard enabled 360° option. For clients who want to host all their content directly, we can build a bespoke branded site or app to access your 360° content.

Luminous Group equipment - iNCTech iStar HDR camera
Custom camera rig - 360° Photography and Video Capture - Luminous Group

360° Video Capture

Using custom camera rigs and arrays, we can capture static or moving 360° video content in both mono and stereo at 4K.

Our team provide stitching, colour grading and a range of post-production services. 360° video is an exciting new medium allowing users to really immerse themselves in a real world location.

Content can be accessed via video sharing sites or with the photography built into a custom app or microsite.

We also have a range of specialist equipment including drones for aerial footage or live action