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Using the latest in CGI, VFX and motions graphics combined with real world photography and video, we can create photo-realistic visuals and stunning animations for your developments.

Camera Matched Drone Video & CGI

If you are looking to create a video of a proposed site with your design model superimposed, then we can combine CGI with drone shot video.

Camera matching has been used in the film sector for many years but has not been utilised as much within architectural visualisations due to the perceived cost and complexity.

With the availability of drones, we can now shoot full 4K video of the proposed site and then superimpose your design models directly into the footage.

The results are a photo-realistic video.

Real-Time Walkthroughs & Animations

Luminous Group have been pioneering the use of games engines technology to create real-time visualisations and walkthroughs.

We can optimise your design models for the Unreal Games Engine and once in the engine, you can freely explore the site in real-time on your desktop using an Xbox controller.

We can also create stunning cinematic camera paths and animations on the fly and export at 4k.