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Mixed Reality App Development

For Microsoft Hololens

We use mixed reality to bring 3D holographic data into the real world for business applications

Changing the shape of business

Mixed Reality is a disruptive new technology fusing 3D holographic images and data with the real world. This has been made possible through Microsoft’s ground-breaking HoloLens device and its inside out tracking technology.

The HoloLens is capable of scanning the world around it in real-time and then superimposing 3D models into this space. Many businesses are exploring the amazing possibilities this is unlocking allowing the delivery of technical 3D  information and visualisations in the field.

Luminous have been pioneering the use of this technology in a range of business environments from technical training to asset management.

  • RIVO Mixed Reality Asset Management

    The Luminous Group have been working on developing an exciting new disruptive mixed reality asset management software solution called RIVO (Reality in / Virtual Out).

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  • Luminous Fire Safety Mixed Reality App

    Mixed reality fire safety asset mapping tool developed for the Microsoft HoloLens

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