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Interactive Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be created with a variety of techniques, from 360° photography or video to full CGI recreations of real-world locations or fantasy and historical sites.

Different levels of interaction can be added to the tours depending on how they are created.

Photos and video can be used to navigate a site in ‘Google street view’ style manner.

This way, you can either teleport or jump through a predetermined camera path.

If you want to create virtual tour that the user can navigate freely then this requires the site to be built in a games engine environment.

We can build an interactive environment from existing plans and images if you have them, or supplied architectural models.

For real world locations we can go and laser scan them in 3D and use the information from this to create an exact digital recreation.

Once in the games environment a whole host of interactivity can be added including sound, music, narration, to mini games.

Any type of interactivity you have seen in a computer game we can add.


  • Real Estate
  • Travel Tourism
  • Heritage
  • Education
  • Hazardous Environments
  • Industry