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VR Experiences

As virtual reality explodes into the mainstream companies are looking to use this exciting new medium to engage with their customers and improve their existing workflows.

Immersive experiences can be used for a host of applications from brand awareness and engagement to interactive sales tools and training.

Brand Experiences

For many company’s VR provides a unique and exciting new way to engage with customers. There are many ways we can use VR to support or enhance existing campaigns.

Our creative team can help come up with new ideas that allow your customers to experience your product or brand like never before.

This could be in the form of an interactive game or more abstract 3D experience. Virtual reality allows your imagination to run wild and anything is possible.

Key to the development of the experience is the medium that will be used to allows users to access it. Whether it’s a branded Google Cardboard to a full on-site installation, we will create the content in the optimal way to allow it to be ported to multiple VR devices to achieve maximum penetration.

Virtual Reality brand experiences by Luminous Group
Thomas The Tank Engine - VR Experience - Digital VR - Luminous Group

VR Prototyping

VR is perfect for prototyping designs and process quickly and cheaply.

If you already have 3D models of an object we can put it into a 3D virtual space and allow your team and customers to see and visualise it in its true dimensions, colour and texture.

VR for Exhibitions

VR is the prefect technology to demonstrate products or service to your clients at conferences or exhibitions.

If you sell complex machinery or equipment instead of trying to take these with you an interactive virtual reality version can be set up.

Potential clients can see the equipment and test it virtually. This opens up a world of possibilities and also sets you apart from the competition with a truly engaging stand.

VR Experiences - Digital VR - Luminous Group