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VR for Technical & HSE Training

VR allows complex or dangerous procedures to be executed in a photo realistic environment with a range of user interaction

Situation Awareness / Health & Safety Training

Real life situations can be recreated and different scenarios presented for training purposes.

As all our VR experiences are built using games engine technology it is very easy to build functionality and interaction into the application.

More mundane tasks can be gamified to engage the users.

Also when using VR all elements of the user’s interaction can be tracked and monitored creating vital statistical analysis of their performance.

Luminous Group VR Training

Some of the key benefits of VR for training are:

  • The ability to simulate hazardous environments or procedures
  • Full natural 3D interaction
  • Photorealistic & Accurate Scenes
  • Fun Immersive user engagement
  • Highly Visual, easy to interpret and understand
  • Real time user monitoring and analysis

There are many different sectors where VR training can be applied.

At Luminous Group, we have the ability to recreate the real world through techniques like 3D laser scanning or photogrammetry.

Some sectors currently utilising VR for training are:

  • Military & Defence Training
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Training
  • Oil & Gas H&S Training
  • Construction Simulation
  • Emergency services / Disaster Management Training
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