Mixed Reality Asset Mapping

 New disruptive mixed reality asset management software solution – RIVO

(Reality in / Virtual Out)


Mixed reality is a new medium developed by Microsoft harnessing the best of Virtual and Augmented reality and is accessed using a Microsoft HoloLens headset. The Microsoft HoloLens is revolutionary in that it uses Microsoft ground breaking inside out tracking to scan the world around it. Not only is able to scan the environment it is able to map and remember these places.

The Luminous team have been using the HoloLens to develop an application to allow rapid 3D mapping of assets. This is a problem that is common to nearly all commercial sectors. Whether it is the oil and gas,  facilities management or construction all these industries are transitioning to a digital work flow. However one issue they are all facing is how to digitise complex facilities cost effectively.


One way to do this is through 3D laser scanning something the Luminous Group are experts at. However 3D laser scanning is very costly and it is still labour intensive. To covert laser scan data to a 3D model an operator must manually trace around all the results in a 3d cad package. Plus once you have a 3D model  it is just geometry there is no intelligence to say what the item is.

Luminous have overcome this with their new mixed reality solution called RIVO. Rivo (reality in , virtual out) disrupts existing 3d imaging and asset mapping by allowing a user to walk around a site and capture items in 3D in real time.

Originally the system had been designed for the oil and gas sector however Luminous are now currently focusing on rolling it out first as a Fire Safety Survey tool.


An engineer using RIVO and a  HoloLens headset can walk around and using a catalogue of 3D models instantly tag items in there correct geo location and then assign a whole host of rich intelligent data in the form of voice notes, video or images.

This data is uploaded to RIVO servers where through a digital dash board estate owners can effectively manage their fire protection service and assets. Luminous then provide the client with there own headset allowing them to take control of their own asset mapping removing the need for costly on going surveys.

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