Computer Vision Engineers, Unity Devs, 3D Modellers

  • Computer Vision Engineer

    We are looking for a motivated and bright computer vision engineer. As a Computer Vision Engineer at Luminous, you’ll be developing software for cutting edge vision applications for the next-generation of mixed and augmented reality. We’re looking for an engineer who’s passionate about conquering human computer interaction by bringing computer vision into everyday environments.


    • BS/MSc degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering
    • Familiarity with the state of the art in Computer Vision research
    • Knowledge of PCL and OpenCV
    • Proficiency in implementing algorithms in C/C++
    • Strong mathematical background (3D geometry, linear algebra, numerical methods, algorithms)
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment
    • Attention to detail
    • Exceptional communication skills
    • Immediate availability.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: £25,000.00 to £40,000.00 /year

  • AR/VR Developer


    Working with Microsoft HoloLens to extract and interpret 3D information. Reconstructing 3D models and identifying objects from point cloud and mesh data. Working on range of unique 3D applications and VR/AR interfaces and interaction.

    Required Skills (at least 3 of the below)

    • 3+ years using Unity 3D
    • Object-orientated programing C++
    • General 3D graphics programming experience (basic OpenGL/Direct3D, understanding of the graphics pipeline)
    • Previous AR\VR project experience
    • Strong interest in VR/AR latest technology,
    • Gesture Recognition (Kinect, leap etc)
    • Strong understanding of UI and UX design within 3D environments
    • Excellent communication skills

    Desirable Skills

    • Experience with Microssoft Hololens
    • Experience of SLAM
    • Experience of feature / object recognition
    • Experience with 3D reconstruction

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: £25,000.00 to £40,000.00 /year

  • Experienced 3D Modeller / Generalist

    Your role will be to create optimised models, assets and environments for Unity and Unreal Games Engine projects. Candidates should have at least 2 year experience in a studio environment and a killer portfolio. Much of your time will be spent producing content specifically for the Microsoft HoloLens,


    • A love of new VR/AR Mixed Reality Technology
    • Working knowledge of Unity (Unreal a bonus), and its asset pipeline
    • A rich portfolio demonstrating your skills, both in modelling and its integration into Unity
    • Expert at modelling / UV’ing with 3DSM or Maya
    • Low-poly 3D asset modelling for mobile
    • High-poly 3D asset modelling
    • Experience with relevant 2D texturing packages
    • Texture baking experience for scene performance optimisation
    • Experience with Physically Based Rendering, and the development of materials (e.g. Substance Designer)
    • Experience building objects/prefabs in Unity – setting up assets, writing simple behaviours, and preparing for immediate use in game environments
    • Good understanding of shaders and rendering
    • Project management skills under real-time constraints
    • The ability to integrate well with ,modeller, developers, and other employees
    • Comfortably learn new tools and approaches when required


    • Concepting skills
    • Good understanding of the real-time rendering pipeline
    • Technical knowledge of shaders
    • Re-topologizing using 3D Coat or Topogun

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: £20,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Want to join our team? Email CV’s & portfolios to info@luminousgroup.co.uk