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  1. Hawthorn Engineering

    3D Survey for the surviving building from the Hawthorn Engineering Works.

  2. Aviation & Aerospace VR Training

    Immersive VR technical training for the aerospace and aviation sector.

  3. Gorham’s Cave Complex

    3D Imaging the last known habitations of Neanderthals in Europe

  4. Belford Dolphin – 3D Laser Survey

    Laser scanning in Mozambique

  5. Pelaw Woods CGI - Luminous Group

    Pelaw CGI Walkthrough

    3D imaging scanning and modelling techniques to help visualise this waste water treatment upgrade.

  6. Perth City Hall – LOD4 BIM Survey

    Perth City Hall - Point cloud survey to LOD4 Revit Model

  7. Pure Pulse VR Experience

    Virtual Reality Showcase

  8. Martello Tower - Virtual WW2 recreation - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Martello Tower Virtual Recreation

    Virtual model and interactive experience of a Martello Tower.

  9. Offshore Manifold Survey

    Offshore Manifold Laser scanning rapid deployment.

  10. Process Plants – 3D Surveys

    3D data capture in complex and hazardous environments.

  11. Plant Room – 3D MEP Surveys

    3D Laser Surveys for complex plant environments

  12. Jersey Lighthouse – 3D Scan

    Large scale heritage LiDAR surveys.

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