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Aviation & Aerospace VR Training


Technical maintenance training in VR for increased engagement


Lionbridge are the world’s largest provider of localization solutions. Much of their work is done in the aerospace and aviation sector where they are responsible for creating and managing a huge range of technical documentation.

Always looking at how they can enhance there solutions they approached Luminous with a brief to convert some of their existing training material into interactive VR versions. Although often complex most follow a step by step procedure lending themselves to VR.


Working with Lionbridge a number of technical operations were story boarded. Two versions were developed one as a fully immersive version for the Oculus Rift and a mixed reality version for the Microsoft HoloLens.

The training provides procedural lead operations to safely remove a faulty unit on the side of the engine. A slimmed down version was developed for the HoloLens using the native pinch and bloom hand gestures and also making use of a text to voice functionality to provide audio cues. The modules have been demonstrated at leading aerospace conferences in Europe and the USA.

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