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Chickasaw Barge

 3D Vessel Survey

Vessel Survey & As built Modelling


The Chickasaw owned by Technip is a horizontal reel barge with an extensive history of installing 12-inch diameter pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico using the reel method. During 1994, its water depth capabilities were upgraded with a new dynamic positioning system, increased pipelay tension and a high departure angle stinger enabling the vessel to install small diameter pipelines in water depths to 1,800m.


Know as built plans were available so Technip looked to 3d laser scan the vessel to create an accurate record of the deck. 3D laser scanning was carried out by Utec in the Gulf of Mexico and the data was relayed back to the Luminous modelling team in the UK. Assisted with Leica TruView’s our experienced modelling team were able to very quickly convert the point data into an accurate as built 3D CAD model.

Laser scanning is becoming the preferred method for fast accurate vessel surveys as it causes minimum disruption and allows large quantities of data to be captured in small windows of opportunity.