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University of Bristol – Fry Building

Scan to BIM for Heritage Buildings

Data Capture

Luminous worked with Balfour Beatty to carry out a detailed full colour 3D laser survey of this ornate historical building which forms part of the University of Bristols estate. The building is undergoing a large renovation to create a new modern home for the the School of Mathematics.

The survey was carried out in two phases to capture the building pre-and post strip out. Pre-strip out all the externals and key areas where captured. Post strip out the full internals where captured with all primary structure exposed. In total over 600 full scans with high dynamic range images were captured.


The modelling was carried out in 2 phases. First the externals where modeled then once the internals had been stripped out and this data became available the internals were added. This work flow is not ideal as assumed wall thickness need to be added first and then amended when the internal data is issued, creating additional work. However in this instance the client required something to work on immediately.

360° Model

Fry Building

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