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Gorham & Vanguard Cave

3D Imaging and Visualisation

Vanguard Cave Entrance

Gorhams Cave Section

Capturing the last known inhabited area of Neanderthal Man


Gorhams cave is located at the base of the rock of Gibraltar. Luminous were commissioned by the Museum of Gibraltar to provide specialist 3D survey services. Just getting access to the site proved tricky. The team had to carry two scanners and HDR cameras down hundreds of steps to reach the base. Scanning was carried out in two phases documenting both cave systems. The team even gained access to the inner cave, this area has only been accessed by a handful of individuals in the world and features Neanderthal markings.



The entire site was scanned in high definition and colour. This data was used to create a range of deliverables, the scan data was meshed and textured to create detailed 3D models. These model were used for documentation purposes but also to build a range of interactive content. Luminous developed a mini site for the project which provides animations, an interactive virtual tour and 3D models.

Mini site:



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