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Hawthorn Engineering Works

Stephenson Quarter Newcastle


This three storey brick and stone Georgian building is a reminder of the vital role that the north east played in the development of the railways. This is a surviving building from the Hawthorn Engineering Works. The company later amalgamated with Robert Stephenson & Company and became locally, nationally and internationally significant in the Steam Age.


As part of a new £200 million redevelopment master plan project for the area, this historic building is to be restored. Due to the historical importance many of the originals timbers and structure are listed. This required a detailed 3D laser scan of the site internally and externally. The client then required a 3D model in Revit. Modelling a building like this can be challenging due to the distressed shapes, warping and deformation present. The Luminous team drawing on our experience modelled each individual element to create an accurate LOD4 model.

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