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  1. Pure Pulse VR Experience

    Virtual Reality Showcase

  2. Martello Tower - Virtual WW2 recreation - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Martello Tower Virtual Recreation

    Virtual model and interactive experience of a Martello Tower.

  3. Offshore Manifold Survey

    Offshore Manifold Laser scanning rapid deployment.

  4. Process Plants – 3D Surveys

    3D data capture in complex and hazardous environments.

  5. Plant Room – 3D MEP Surveys

    3D Laser Surveys for complex plant environments

  6. Jersey Lighthouse – 3D Scan

    Large scale heritage LiDAR surveys.

  7. City Hall and City Baths Newcastle

    Heritage BIM LOD4 Revit Survey.

  8. Bloomsbury Theatre – LOD4 Revit Survey

    As part of a refurbishment project due to finish in 2018 Luminous were commissioned to carry out a full 3D laser scan of the Bloomsbury Theatre and create an extremely detailed Revit model.

  9. Southend Pier – 3D Survey

    Working with the local council and ADP Architecture we 3D laser scanned and modeled this complex structure which is the longest pleasure pier in the world.

  10. Kaspersky Motorsport Virtual Reality Project - Luminous Group

    Kaspersky – Virtual Lab

    Creating a virtual reality hub for global cyber security provider Kaspersky using the unreal games engine and HTC VIVE.

  11. Chickasaw Barge Vessel Survey

    3D Vessel survey for as built modelling and asset management

  12. Point cloud - King's College, University of Aberdeen - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Kings College Revit Model

    Luminous Group have helped convert numerous building on the Aberdeen University Estate into Revit models, the Kings College building is the most ornate and challenging one to date.