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Pelaw CGI Walkthrough

Scanning, modelling and visualisation

Laser Scanning, 3D modelling & CGI for scene recreation

Pelaw Woods scan point cloud data - Luminous Group


Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) is a design-and-construct specialist, harnessing the skills and expertise of contractor JN Bentley and global consulting giant Mott MacDonald.

Luminous Group have worked with them on numeorus utility, waste water and sewage treatment plant projects.MMB approached Luminous to see if we could help visualise a replacement pipe that had been proposed in Pelaw, Tyne & Wear.

The pipe was located at the bottom of a steep gully which was heavily vegetated. To create the most realistic recreation it was decided to laser scan the valley.This was carried out with a Lecia P20 laser scanner in full colour.


Once the scans had been captured they were registered together into a complete point cloud. Point clouds provide an exact representation of reality which is great for measuring, however when it comes to visualising them depending on the density they can look quite ghostly.

Therefore, to create a really nice animation this data needs to be converted into a solid model. This was done by first removing all the vegetation and creating a meshed surface to give us the profiles of the valley as well as specific items debris, log etc.

Pelaw Woods mesh surface model - Luminous Group
Pelaw Woods scan data vegetation - Luminous Group


Once the terrain had been modelled, all the additional items were added to bring the scene to life. This included an old iron foot bridge which was modelled and all the vegetation, shrubs and greenery.

MBB provided us with a CAD plan showing where the new pip would go and also section at various internals. These were used to create an accurate 3D model that could be dropped into the correct location. This included  a number of manholes.

Once everything was complete a camera path was set up and the animation rendered out.

360° Model

Pelaw Wire Frame Model

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