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Perth City Hall – LOD BIM4 Survey

Scan to BIM for Historic Buildings


Perth & Kinross Council commissioned Luminous Group to provide a full LOD 4 building model to aid with refurbishments as part of their overall cultural strategy. The 3d survey will be part of a major project transforming the currently vacant building into a new cultural attraction for visual arts.

Drawing records for the building are limited hence the Council require up to date and accurate information for future design and construction purposes. Surrounding context was also included to a lower level of detail for future planning purposes.


The City Hall was scanned in full colour so that materials could be easily recognisable when modelling. Once all the data was complete and processed the data was split into regions within Recap and exported floor by floor for use in Revit. Typically, a modeller was set a target to model one category for example doors or windows. This allowed all QA and clash detection to be split into manageable chunks.

Due to the amount of detail and size the model had to be split into 4 manageable Revit models, the site, external façade, full internals, and FF&E. To get a head start on the detailed timber structure within the roof void automated software was used to extract the timber sections. This was then imported directly into Revit using standard families vastly reducing modelling times.


Detailed Architectural Embellishments & Materials Added

360° Model

Perth Asbuilt Model

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