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Southend Pier – 3D Survey

3D Laser scan to as built Revit model

Scanning the worlds longest pleasure pier


Southend Pier is a major landmark in Southend-on-Sea and the largest pleasure pier in the World. With funding set aside to renovate and maintain the structure Luminous where appointed to carry a full 3D laser survey. The upper parts of the pier and structure underneath including the railway lines were all scanned in high density and full colour.

Data capture was carried out using our P20 scanner which is ideal for large outdoor areas. Scanning was carried out a low tide to maximise access and coverage underneath the pier.


Although a complex structure the pier was made up of many repeating elements. Once a bespoke family had been created for the structural steal work it was a relatively straight forward process to create the model. As well as the pier model 3D topo surfaces were created of the immediate surrounding area and beach.

360° Model

Southend Pier

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