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Spitalfields Virtual Showroom

The Luminous Group have been working with Architekton, a dynamic architect developer practice who specialise in creating places that celebrate local identity, mixed uses and sustainable communities.

Spitalfields Works external - Luminous Group


Architekton’s latest project is the regeneration of a long derelict commercial building in the heart of London at Spitalfields.

They wanted to create a full range of traditional visuals but they were also very keen to push the boundaries and see how they could create something truly unique to engage with their potential customers and really immersive them in the new building before it was built.

This would allow them to engage with customers earlier and ultimately sell units off plan quicker and more effectively.


Architekton wanted to create a virtual show room that would allow potential customers to virtually explore the space. To get this as realistic as possible we used the Unreal Games Engine.

Games engines have advanced dramatically and now provide real time physics based interaction and photorealistic real time rendering.

Out of all the games engines available, Unreal provides the highest visual fidelity and is being utilised in a range of applications outside of the games sector and is particularly well suited to high end architectural visualisations.

Spitalfields Works apartment internal bedroom area - Luminous Group
Spitalfields apartments external elevation model cgi - Luminous Group

We took the architects model and optimised it for the  games engine. We then had to add a way of navigating around the space. HTC Vive lets you physically walk around a 5x5m area but that isn’t enough to explore a whole apartment.

Therefore, we had to develop a method to teleport to key spots. By pointing and clicking using the HTC Vive controllers a laser beam appears allowing the users to teleport to the desired location which we have found to be a much more intuitive way to navigate the space.

The Spitalfields apartments have lovely big windows opening onto the street below.

To make the whole thing more lifelike we took images of the real street scape from the correct location and placed these into the VR scene. This means that when in the VR experience, users can actually see the correct view from the apartment window as if they were there.

360° Model

Spitalfields 3D model

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