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Luminous Group Heritage & Museums projects


Luminous have worked at some of the UK’s most prestigious heritage sites and scanned many castles and iconic buildings. Digital documentation and 3D imaging has become an essential tool in the preservation and conservation of these outstanding sites of cultural and historical importance. English heritage has defined the most comprehensive scanning specification available through there Metric Survey Specification which we always work to.

As well as 3D imaging our services have been used to created detailed stone by stone photo montages, ortho photos, 2D plans as well as CGI reconstructions, walk through’s, virtual tours and even 3D apps.

  1. Jersey Lighthouse – 3D Scan

    Working with Arup we have scanned numerous sites across Jersey delivering high quality colored pointclouds, animations and visuals.

  2. City Hall and City Baths Newcastle

    City Hall and City Baths are iconic buildings located in the centre of Newcastle. The City Hall has hosted many popular and classical acts over the years. In 2012 due to increased cuts the Baths side of the building was closed by the council. However it is now set to reopen with a £5 million investment from Fusion Lifestyle Ltd.

  3. Fry Building 3D Survey

    Bristol University is curretly refurbishing its Fry Building in order to provide a new home for its mathmatics deparment. Working with Balfour Beatty we 3D scanned and modelled this ornate building.

  4. Dome white render - Spanish City - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Spanish City – Whitley Bay

    Working with ADP Architecture, Luminous carried out a detailed 3D laser scan and as built model for the Spanish City in Whitley Bay, the largest domed structure in England after St Paul's.

  5. Point cloud - King's College, University of Aberdeen - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Kings College Revit Model

    Luminous Group have helped convert numerous building on the Aberdeen University Estate into Revit models, the Kings College building is the most ornate and challenging one to date.

  6. Martello Tower - Virtual WW2 recreation - Digital VR - Luminous Group

    Martello Tower Virtual Recreation

    Luminous were commissioned by the Suffolk Coast & Heaths as part of their touching the Tide project to create a virtual model and interactive experience of a Martello Tower.

  7. RRS Discovery

    Digitally documenting one of the world’s most iconic vessels the RRS Discovery in 3D and virtual reality.