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MEP model white render - Point Cloud Processing - Luminous Group

Complex 3D MEP & Plant Surveys

The Luminous Group have created complex MEP and process plant 3D models for a range of sectors, these include major food packaging and process plants around the globe, hospitals airports and other critical infrastructure.

Plants are complex busy working environments often with dangerous heavy machinery. Undergoing constant retro-fit and upgrades most have little to no accurate documentation. Trying to survey these environments manually is slow and error prone. 3D laser scanning provides a solution to digitally document these sites, quickly efficiently and accurately.

  1. Plant Room – 3D MEP Surveys

    Plant Rooms can be very congested and complex. Trying to survey these types of environments conventionally is almost impossible and extremely error prone.

  2. Process Plants – 3D Surveys

    Process plants can be challenging environments to work in. Most are extremely busy, with dangerous equipment operating for up to 24 hours a day.