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Luminous Group VR experience project

Virtual Reality

From bespoke apps to virtual tours and show rooms or VR training and simulation our team can help you develop a solution that delivers.

We’re experts in creating immersive 3D virtual reality experiences and specialise in applying this technology to commercial and industrial applications.


The last 2 years has seen an explosion in virtual reality. This has been driven by billions of dollars being invested in creating consumer virtual reality products. The culmination of this was the release of the HTC Vive and Oculus rift in 2016.

These headsets have made huge advances in technology and can now provide very high quality VR experiences but with a consumer price tag. In the past, this type of quality of virtual reality required million-pound cave systems. Now for just a couple of thousand pounds anyone can buy the hardware required for true high quality virtual reality.

This has opened up a world of possibilities for business. It is now extremely easy for businesses to leverage virtual reality for a whole host of applications and particularly in technical and health and safety training.


Virtual reality applications are created using games engine technology. There are a number of well established game engines available to use for developing VR content. The application of games engine technology into business has coined the term ‘serious gaming’. Games engines are real time rendering environments this makes them very powerful systems for developing commercial business applications. One sector that has heavily utilized game engine technology is the automotive sector. Games engine technology has allowed them to develop real time configurators. This allows 3D models of vehicles to be configured in Realtime across multiple platform web, mobile and VR.


At Luminous we work with the Unreal and Unity Games engines. One major advantage of using a games engine is the ability to export content to a range of devices. This makes it a very efficient workflow. When developing VR content there should be a strategy in place to maximize this Omni channel content that can be created. For example, a game engine application can be run on a desktop using an xbox controller. It can also be ported to mobile. However, it can also be used to create other 3D content such as 360 bubble view images and videos. The visual quality is so good within the games engine that it can also be used to create 2D visuals and this work flow has gained momentum within the architectural sector.

Games engines make it very easy to change texture is real time. This is ideal for interactive show rooms or just creating visualizations in general as it is much more responsive allowing client changes to be made instantly.

  • PurePulse VR

    Hydrasys develop specialist water filtration systems. Luminous created an interactive version to showcase there PurePulse technology

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  • Spitalfields lounge bedroom view - Luminous Group

    Spitalfields Virtual Showroom

    Working with Architekton Luminous developed an interactive showroom for there flagship Add to dictionary development.

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  • VR Training for Aerospace

    Working with Lionbridge the world’s largest provider of localization solutions we built a number of aerospace training modules in VR.

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