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Originally formed in 1988, Luminous Group Ltd are a pioneering 3D technology provider. Over the years we have built a glowing reputation as innovators in the survey and 3D tech sectors.

In 2016 it was decided to rebrand the company with a new identity that more accurately represents the company’s wider offering with the creation of Luminous Group Ltd. The company is now made up of 3 core divisions Digital Surveys, Digital Architecture and Digital VR.

  • Peter Bennett - Chairman - Luminous Group

    Peter Bennett


    Peter is chairman of Luminous Group and has over 40 years’ surveying and dimensional control experience.

  • Ben Bennett - Managing Director - Luminous Group

    Ben Bennett

    Managing Director

    Ben is our Managing Director and a specialist in 3D laser-scanning, 3D modelling and visualisation.

  • Henry Bennett - Operations Director - Luminous Group

    Henry Bennett

    Operations Director

    Henry has over 7 years of industry experience specialising in 3D Laser Scanning and Pointcloud Processing.

  • Luigi Russo - 3D Technical Lead - Luminous Group

    Luigi Russo

    3D Technical Lead

    Luigi is an experienced building and architectural engineer, specialising in 3D modelling and 3D visualisation and design.

  • Peter Setterfield - Senior BIM Modeller - Luminous Group

    Peter Setterfield

    Senior BIM Modeller

    Peter has 7 years’ experience within the construction and scanning industry and helped develop BIM strategies for a wide variety of projects.

  • Peter Mash - Senior BIM Modeller - Luminous Group

    Peter Mash

    Senior BIM Modeller

    With 4 years’ industry experience, Peter has established a comprehensive understanding of the construction process helped by a previous 12 year career in construction.

  • Kyle Hodgson - HDS Surveyor - Luminous Group

    Kyle Hodgson

    HDS Surveyor

    With 5 years’ industry experience, Kyle has worked across a range of projects and is enthusiastic about understanding and developing new & improved methods for processing pointcloud data to enable more efficient and effective workflows for BIM models.

  • Daniel Wright - BIM Modeller - Luminous Group

    Daniel Wright

    BIM Modeller

    Dan has a background in surveying and has used this experience to build his BIM modelling portfolio at Luminous Group through working on a variety of projects.

  • Honore Ndayishimiye - BIM Modeller - Luminous Group

    Honore Ndayishimiye

    BIM Modeller

    Honore has modelled a wide range of projects from different sectors. Recently Honore has been working largely on heritage and cultural projects and enjoys modelling bespoke elements and working with high levels of detail.

  • Sam Lake - BIM Modeller - Luminous Group

    Sam Lake

    BIM Modeller

    With 5 Years’ experience at both higher education and within practice, Sam has worked and engaged with a variety of clients and collaborated on a varied range of projects.