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VR for Technical Training

Learning speeds can be increased by 15% using VR


Virtual reality has been used successfully across a range of sectors to provide technical training solutions. It is ideally suited to environments that require first person hands on training. It also work very well for anything in a CAB or cockpit environment as these can be recreated exactly as in real life.

Many companies like Caterpillar and Boeing already have simulators but these are often very expensive and require physical recreations to be built. VR will never replace these physical training simulators however it can be a very effective complimentary solution.

A VR solution can also be deployed very effectively via the web to multiple locations drastically reducing staff travel costs.


A critical part of training is being able to track, monitor and evaluate user progress. Virtual Reality offers many exciting ways that this can be done to provide detailed analytics and reporting.

Content created for TrueVR applications on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive allows for full head and gaze tracking of the following:

– Gaze tracking and heat map analysis

– User Gaze, Position and Movement analysis.

– User Object / hazard engagement tracking.

  • Excavator Technical Training

    Technical procedure to safely remove an excavator bucket, developed in the Unreal Games engine for HTC Vive headsets.

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  • Aviation Engine Procedure

    Technical training to safely remove engine components from a plane engine.

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