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VR for Health & Safety Training

Engage users and speed up learning with an immersive training application


If you work in an industrial environment, then you will have had to sit through a safety induction at some point in your career. These can be both site and job specific. For many people arriving at work on a new site there is nothing more tedious than sitting through an hour long safety induction video or power point followed by a multiple choice test. Most of the time there is little to no interaction, yet the user is expected to retain a whole host of data and specific regulations and rules.

This is simply not possible and as a result work related accident still occur. For more dangerous roles or sites users are expected to go through action based training which you see in the likes of fire training, offshore training etc.However, this type of training requires expensive purpose built training facilities.



Virtual Reality is ideally suited to all types of health and safety training providing first person hands on interactive training where the user is fully immersed in the environment. The development of sophisticated motion controllers which haptic feedback make it natural and intuitive to interact with objects and items  in 3D. Whats more VR allows trainers to push users to their limits and train for things that would not be practical, safe or feasible in the real-world.

In the past VR training would require multi million pound cave systems with the new consumer devices a VR training room can be setup for under £2500.


We have have a wealth of experience working in industrial and construction environments and are very familiar with the different types of HSE training that is carried out on a regular basis. Working with our clients we have produced VR training modules for the main common HSE procedures such as:

  • PPE training
  • Working At Height
  • Confined Space Training
  • Fire Safety Training