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  1. Mall Access Tunnel – 3D Survey

    Access tunnel 3D laser scan, modelling and design visualization.

  2. Claremont Tower – 3D Revit Survey

    Luminous carried out 3D laser scanning and Revit modelling for this large 20,000m² university campus building.

  3. Hawthorn Engineering

    3D Survey for the surviving building from the Hawthorn Engineering Works.

  4. Gorham’s Cave Complex

    3D Imaging the last known habitations of Neanderthals in Europe

  5. Belford Dolphin – 3D Laser Survey

    Laser scanning in Mozambique

  6. Offshore Manifold Survey

    Offshore Manifold Laser scanning rapid deployment.

  7. Process Plants – 3D Surveys

    3D data capture in complex and hazardous environments.

  8. Plant Room – 3D MEP Surveys

    3D Laser Surveys for complex plant environments

  9. Jersey Lighthouse – 3D Scan

    Large scale heritage LiDAR surveys.

  10. Elizabeth Castle Lidar Survey

    Detailed 3D imaging and data capture for Elizabeth Castle in Jersey