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City Hall and City Baths Newcastle

£5 million pound refurbishment scheme of these historic Turkish baths and swimming pool.


The City Hall and Baths are part of Newcastle’s heritage and have hosted some the worlds greatest music acts of the years. However due to cuts the Turkish baths side of the building had fallen in to disrepair and closed. Now it is set to reopen as part of a £5 million investment from Fusion Lifestyle. As part of this renovation appointed architects Napper requested the entire site to be 3D laser scanned and modeled in Revit to LOD3.

Luminous scanned the entire building including the old baths and complex plant rooms and corridors running underneath the building.


Once the scanning was complete the data was cut up into manageable chunks and exported as .rcs files to be used in Autodesk Revit. The team then began the process of tracing around all the individual elements. On a project of this size thorough QA is required to check the categorization and naming of all elements as well as the geometric accuracy.

360° Model

City Baths

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