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Spanish City – Whitley Bay

Laser Scan to Revit Model and Interactive Visualisation

Digital data capture and visualisation for historic buildings

Colour point cloud- Spanish City - Digital VR - Luminous Group


The Spanish City is located near the seafront in Whitley Bay has a 180ft long Renaissance-style frontage and became known for its distinctive dome – the 2nd largest in England.

It was originally built in 1920 as a concert hall, restaurant, roof garden and tea roof. More recently the building has fallen into a state of desirepair, however a Lottery funded grant of £3.7m has lead to an ambitious redevelopment plan.

ADP, the architects appointed to the scheme, requested a 3D laser survey and full as built Revit model of the site.


Luminous developed an as built model to LOD3 standard. Some of the challenges modelling the building arose from the dilapidated state that it was in.

There were many areas made up of exposed and crumbling mortar and brickwork which are extremely difficult to model in Revit.

There were also several complex architectural embellishments on the externals of the building.

In the ceilings all structural timbers, joists, exposed studwork and roof trusses were add into the model.

360° Model

Spanish City 3D Model

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Spanish City - Unreal Engine model - Luminous Group

Virtual Reality

Once the model had been completed we created an interactive visualisation using the Unreal Games Engine.

The Revit model was exported to 3D Studio Max and optimised by reducing the polycount and adding textures.

Unreal provides fantastic visual fidelity and real time lighting which was perfect for the internal of the dome.

Users where then able to explore the model on a desktop PC freely using an Xbox controller.