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Kaspersky VR Content Hub



Creating a VR content Hub for Kaspersky

Kaspersky Virus Lab Virtual Reality Project - Luminous Group

Kaspersky are one of the world’s leading providers of virus protection and cyber security.

Working from their Virus Lab in Moscow, they provide security solutions to a diverse range of corporate and consumer clients globally.

Kaspersky approached Luminous with the idea of building a virtual version of their Moscow lab to demo to commerical clients. We proposed creating a VR replica but then using this lab as a Hub to access a ranage of ever-expanding VR content.

The Lab was created in Unreal Engine and optimised for the HTC Vive.

360° Model

Moscow Virus Lab

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Luminous are now working with Kaspersky to build a range of additional mini VR experiences that show other aspects of their business all accessed through the central hub.

One part of this is the Kaspersky Motorsport Team.

Since the 2012 Formula One season, the Kaspersky Lab logo has featured on the nose cones and sides of the Formula 1® cars, and also on the drivers’ overalls, helmets and team uniforms.

Luminous will be working with Kaspersky to build a range of exciting motorsport VR experiences including live 360° video and interactive CGI environments.

Kaspersky Motorsport Virtual Reality Project - Luminous Group